Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mene, mene, tekel peres for the Church in Kenya

The Christian consensus in Kenya - be it in the NCCK or the Kenya Church - is in a serious intergrity and credibility crisis and, I'm afraid, few beyond those who gravitate around them are listening to them during these difficult hours for our country.
I have my ears on the ground concerning both sides; I'll be the last person to celebrate when they advise the President / his government on anything. 
Only A FEW of them can advise the President on GRAFT / TRIBALISM without batting an eye-lid, and he knows it!
While crucial in the corruption, governance and review agenda / debate of our country; the Christian consensus in our country - at least in so far as it can be considered as such through its current crop of leadership - is a serious matter for prayer on its own. 
When some known clergymen can consider snuffing life out of their fellow clergymen or ordinary believers for their perceived loyalty or opposition to the government of the day, then we have a serious problem indeed. 
The pride of life and other trappings of this life has the focus of several of the men and women of the cloth on anything but Christ and the good of this country at heart in so far as the current corruption and governance debate is concerned. 
Yet I believe God still has a faithful remnant scattered around our country and outside it who labour in prayer, coupled with faithful and obedient living each day, often at great personal cost. 
We would be short-sighted to not see the quiet, sometimes painful revival in the Body of Christ in Kenya; God is sifting His people for new challenges in our generation, with emerging, young, Godly leaders within it and in various spheres of public life. 
As an ordinary mwananchi and as a believer with a fairly good grasp of the Christian landscape in Kenya, I'll say we are not out of the woods just yet! 
God, in His loving kindness, will preserve and sustain Kenya not because of those who are doing some un-printable things in His name and convening seminars / calling press conferences to advise the country on the way forward, but inspite of them. 

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Interview: Uganda latest...on a see-saw....un-edited....

Kenyananalyst: Who is losing?
NMA (not real name): both
NMA: its 50 /50
Kenyananalyst: Who is likely to lose?
NMA: besigye
Kenyananalyst: ?
Kenyananalyst: How?
NMA: coz museveni will rig
NMA: definatly
Kenyananalyst: Hasn't he already, the say?
NMA: they say he has
NMA: but tonight will tel it all
Kenyananalyst: Phew!
NMA: So u r a Besigye guy?
NMA: phew!
NMA: there might be chaos
NMA: i would support besigye because of africa
NMA: an ddemocracy and how
NMA: dictators should leave
Kenyananalyst: Interesting.
NMA: yeah
Kenyananalyst: I'm getting conflicting reports from BBC, Monitor online, New Vision Online, etc.  I don't know who 2 trust execept for pple like u wu r already there.
Kenyananalyst: At least other frnds I kno there have echoed your sentiments.
NMA: but we pray that our Father above will protect us.
Kenyananalyst: So wat is it abt the current political heat that strikes you big time?
NMA: the fact that justice doesnt happen
NMA: besigye has majority
NMA: but he just wont win
NMA: i do pitty al the work
NMA: put into this gtreat venture of freeing uganda
NMA: but i guess the opotion will have to strengthen its forces
NMA: fo rnext elections
NMA: secondly
NMA: with the comin opf museveni
NMA: i thnk donors and worldbank an dkind will ration thier aid to ug
NMA: just like when moi came beack
NMA: back
NMA: so it will spoil for them
Kenyananalyst: Do you think the popultion is ready to stand with or against M7 if he is declared the winner?
NMA: he has the army
NMA: the army is museveni
NMA: remember he alitoa
NMA: obote
NMA: he has loyal army so what the population feels doesnt matter
Kenyananalyst: You ain't reading the same script as other pessimists, are you?
NMA: why?
Kenyananalyst: Those who believe things can now only go downhill in Ug, whoever wins.
NMA: not quiet
NMA: museveni
NMA: and his army
NMA: noi dont think so
NMA: he will take cahrge and there wil be peace by force
Kenyananalyst: How has the country's Christian leadership conducted itself prior to and during the polling? How significant is their voice in this matter?
NMA: christianity
NMA: chrisianity in Uganda
NMA: isnt what can matter
NMA: i tend to think in uganda
NMA: things happen in extreme.
NMA: trust me i am yet to find a sound church.
NMA: its mostly phanatical
NMA: hence
NMA: reson if hard
Kenyananalyst: Fanatical - jst wat do u mean by that?
NMA: its extreme kind of a thing
NMA: such as no putting trousers to church
NMA: and it cna be hypocritical
NMA: an dso money minded like teh nigeria churches
Kenyananalyst: Is that your way of saying "Pentecostal?"  I'm not one, bt I'm a believer, so u can lay it all down here :-)
NMA: penteconstal is a moderated trype of christiianity
Kenyananalyst: Moderated - ?
NMA: henc enot what is here
NMA: that aside
NMA: the church has been praying
NMA: at least the fellowship I'm in.
NMA: moderated
NMA: in that
NMA: it steh grace of Gdo that rules
NMA: not the law or what religion expecsts
Kenyananalyst: Amen.  Howz the civil society handling these developments?
NMA: its confused
NMA: the other day
NMA: the artoney general was taking the governemnt to court
NMA: talk of confusion within a system
NMA: isnt he the governmnet
NMA: just hwo can the governemtn take the govenrmten
NMA: to a court ran by the government
Kenyananalyst: Yeah, that's crazy (although one wishes that would happen in Kenya)........I meant the NGOs...hw r they handling themselves now?
NMA: ooohh that
NMA: dont know muhc
NMA: And howz the average mwananchi taking it?
NMA: now
NMA: thats teh other issue
NMA: Ugandans are generally passive
NMA: some just feel its doesnt matter
NMA: or they have given up
NMA: while soem few strongl beleive
NMA: in either museveni or besigye
NMA: of course depending on who they supprt
NMA: trust me they are damn passionate about their leaders
Kenyananalyst: Are u saying Kenyans aren't?
NMA: kenyanas are resonble
NMA: and politicaly mature
NMA: in that
NMA: they keep check and are upto date
NMA: further more
NMA: the media in kenya have politicals in one of its main agenda
NMA: unlike uganda
NMA: you are
NMA: aware that
NMA: romance, love, relationship takes up more than  three quaters of
NMA: ugandas media
NMA: to an exent ponographic newspapres are sold on the streets
NMA: along side well credible papers such as Daily nation
Kenyananalyst: Red Pepper....& Co...
NMA: and etc, so many of them
Kenyananalyst: Your vibe on Ug's obsession with relationships is strikingly accurate frm my readings, bt don't u think it's overly critical coming from a woman like u?
NMA: Wmen r supposed to feel good abt such trash, right?
NMA: no its not
NMA: its a common feeling held by many
NMA: even acadenicainans read such papers in the open
NMA: the registra the proffesors
NMA: etc
NMA: just how do brains
NMA: of the country fall into suhc trap
NMA: i am a woman but i beielve
NMA: such content is scandalous
Kenyananalyst: Tell that to your other sisters around the world
NMA: hahhah
NMA: why the many questions?
NMA: I'm a scribe, remember?  I wasn't given the powers to read and practice for nothing "-)
NMA: hahaha
NMA: By the way, do you mind if I share this conversation with other folks who are interested in election developments there and who are also praying abt it?
NMA: no problem
NMA: conditon that you keep me anonymous
NMA: museveni i sno joker he kills
NMA: so i dont want to be a victim
NMA: cought up in thier p[olitics
Kenyananalyst: cool
NMA: by tonight we will know who has won anyways

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Please pray with us in Uganda

By M. MUGISHA Today is a special day for Uganda: lines are organized, papers are checked, thumbs are inked, and ballots are counted. We are electing a President for the next 5 years. This is a crititcal time for the future of Uganda. There has previously been some violence during campaiging and people fear the worst afterward. The Christian community here is asking the world to stand with us in prayer for peace and God's divine appointment. Please join Uganda in prayer: Father you are with us in Uganda Your name must be glorified May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done as we elect our Leader. Provide everything that we need for today that we will depend completely on You. Forgive our corruption as we forgive our opponents Lead us not into armed conflict but deliver us into peace For you hold all the kingdoms, glory and power forever and ever. Amen Thank you for your prayers for us. We so desperately love Uganda and want to see Christ continue to be glorified here in individuals lives. We are ready for whatever His will is for us.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Mary Wambui question: Aaah Mutua....

Aaah Mutua, within hours of my liking your press release on graft you've taken away my cheerleading :-) with your latest on Wambui.
The moment Kibaki turned his family woes into a national issue he invited journalists to not only write about his personal life but also speculate about it in the days that have followed.
Kibaki's press release of denial was nothing but a PR fiasco.
The same would go for Lucy's and Wambui's public shadow-boxing with each other ever since.
I doubt the media will cease speculating on the First Family's affairs now that you have "asked" them to.
The same applies to the terminologies that you say have been coined to describe the persons and groups of persons that have been considered as to be the prime political brokers in the Kibaki administration. 
You've called it all lies; I would have let it go if it was someone else saying it.
But since you are speaking for the Government, and since you are convinced you have the might of the truth on your side on this one, why not sue everyone who has been maligning the First Family and its friends?
I was just wondering :-)

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Mr. Mutua, this is the best press release I have seen from you in ages :-) !

Wananchi have been asking the Government to act on allegations of corruption. Now the Government has embarked on a legal and transparent process to bring to book all those that investigations point at.

As a result, some people have started saying that the Government is conducting witch-hunting and bias in its fight.

Others have started telling concocted stories that are inaccurate. Some are asking that we only take action on Anglo Leasing. Some of these people know they are implicated in other corrupt activities and are trying to pre-empt action that will be taken against them.

The Government would like to make it clear that:

  1. It will continue to investigate and make public the results of its investigations into corruption.

  2. No one will be discriminated against because it does not matter as to when you engaged in corruption, you committed an offense against the people of Kenya. It does not matter what your tribe is, what your profession is, what your political standing is. If you have stolen, prepare for jail.

  3. Some of the people making the loudest noise on witch-hunting have skeletons in their cabinets and these will be revealed as investigations intensify – a thief is a thief, whether driving an expensive car, living in a grand home or in a slum.

  4. Kenyans have asked the Government to fight corruption. Do the people of Kenya want us to fight corruption or not? If they want us to, then they should not pay attention to people who are getting scared that they will be caught and who are trying to politicize and deflect the fight.

  6. It does not matter when you stole, in Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, in land grabbing or other recent and specific corrupt activities and shoddy deals in Government Ministries

The signs of corruption are all around us. For example, we have roads that are built, and in a short time, they’re full of potholes. Those involved in such shoddy deals will have to pay for it. The people of Kenya want the truth, justice and their money back. This, the Government will get for them.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua

February 19, 2006

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The Anglo Leasing debate: The way I see it

The way I see it, the current cry in the country isn't necessarily for Mr. Jones or Napoleon & Co. (including other political pigs - on both sides of our political divide - who have, conveniently, excused the ills and excesses of the "revolution") to leave the farm but for there to be a re-birth of the nation, probably with an entirely new leadership. 
Those among us seeing the on-going national travails / birth-pangs as a war on Kibaki or the Kikuyu community have missed the point entirely, for neither KANU nor LDP (for whom it's supposed some of us often speak) stand any better chance in the ring this time round. 
And by this I don't mean to speak for any "Third Force" - all I'm saying is that "mjinga" (Wanjiku) ameerevuka, hivi "mwerevu" (the political elite and its hangers-on on both sides of the divide) yu mashakani. 
An understanding of the multi-faceted nature of the current corruption debate is a pre-condition for the formulation of an effective idea on the way forward.
Such a formulation would place corruption in a historical and contemporary context, with a particular appreciation of the fact that the citizenry has CHANGED, we are not the same voters that would painstakingly vumilia in the past!
It's worth noting that the "fundamentalism" we are witnessing in the defenses by both the government and the opposition of their positions in the current debate has acquired a more pronounced political edge as their national fortunes decline dramatically in the face of an increasingly aware and skeptic public.   
This brand of political manouvering has been manifest in the words and deeds of our state and non-state actors over the past few days and, in my view, sporadic shadow-boxing by some folks in some fora. 
The West might not be the paragon of private and public morality in several respects, but it stands as an illustration of the reality that Wanjiku's so-called activism in the war against graft and other government excesses can be a constructive regime-changing / stabilizing force. 
True, the West is not best but much of the West has found a balance between personal interests (on the part of their countries' leaderships, as some would have us see in the Kenyan context) and genuine public sensibilities.

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By EDWIN GICHANGI (as an e-mail forward to this site)
One day there was a guy who was driving to a nearby town.
He was in a hurry, so he took a back road to get there faster, when all of a sudden his car broke down.
A nearby farmer saw him stranded so he invited him to stay the night.
He said, "The only bed I have that you can sleep in is with my daughter, but if I catch you fooling around with her I'll shoot you".
"To make sure that you don't I'm going to put some eggs between both of you and if they are broken in the morning then you are going to die".
So the guy agreed.
In the middle of the night the girl wanted to get it on so they did.
In the middle of the skir mish they broke all of
the eggs.
The guy didn't want to get shot so he cleaned up the mess and glued the egg shells back together.
In the morning the farmer came into his daughter's room and found that all of the eggs were still intact.
The farmer was so happy that he invited the guy to have breakfast with him.
So he gathered up all of the eggs and took them to the kitchen. He cracked the first one open and nothing was inside it.
He cracked the second one and still nothing and so on.
When he found out that all of them had nothing in them he grabbed his shotgun and ran outside.
He opened the chicken shed door and yelled out "ALLRIGHT, WHICH ONE OF YOU ROOSTERS HAS BEEN USING CONDOMS?!?"
*Editor's note:  Edwin, in my college days, when we would sometimes suffer from water-shortages, some wags would put up jokes on our newsroom computer that the men among us should go share bathrooms with our neighbours' daughters.  I didn't.  I hope and pray you don't either, wherever you are!  Don't for your own sake and that of the God who made you! 

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Of Kalonzo and Kiraitu: Something to declare

1. Kalonzo - Our "experts" told us at the time that the reason Kibs made it to be the sole opposition candidate was because he appeard to be a moderate and, to be a compromise candidate, had made a paltry few enemies on the local political scene throughout his career. A Mr. Nice Guy, if you know what I mean. Kalonzo loves to portray himself as such. There's an urgent need to not let him or anyone else get the big prize so easily this time round. He, like everyone of them, is a carcass fit for the hounds on this and other fora!

2. The Truth & Reconcilliation thing: I lost some friends and relatives to the ethnic clashes that rocked our country between 1992 and 1997. I was therefore pleasantly suprised when my editor at one of the Kenyan media houses assigned me to cover one of the public hearings of the Makau team. Makau, Mutava, Ali Shee and Amukowa Anangwe were all there. The stuff that came out of the day's hearings would make Escape from Sobibor look like a Sunday school picnic! So I was dissapointed by Kiraitu in this respect while he was still in charge of his justice docket, whatever the excuse. I hope Martha does something in this respect.

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From Russia, with love :-)

While the jury is still out on the PAC report and the attendant "sanitize-myself-ahead-of-2007" battles for guys in and outside government, something will have to give in the way of openness in the area of capitalization and privatization of some public corporations / parastatals.

You know the Russian orligachs that hoovered around Boris Yeltsin and, in part, continue to hound Vladimir Putin (no hard feelings towards Chelsea fans :-)?

Most of these guys made their kill at the height of the results of the petroiska and other fruits of the glasnost when most souls had their eyes on what they thought was the bigger prize (changes at the Kremlin).

Thus a good number of Russians remain in abject poverty, battling against their biggest silent killer apart from substance abuse - HIV / Aids (much because of the weak moral fabric spawned by an atheistic 70 years-plus past as well as the continent's never-ending "sexual revolution") - and other issues that are spiralling into off-shots of heightened Anti-Semitism (there always has to be someone to blame for some of these things; global and European Jewry in particular has had its unfair share of this down the ages).

Not very different from most post-independent African stories in several respects.

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No easy walk to Wanjiku's Caanan

The last time I checked, Kenya wasn't supposed to run an Orwellian-style Thought Police but I think a number of us are running the high risk of denying the progress Kenya has achieved over the past 3 years and spearheading a growing assault on truth and memory by forces opposed to the government of Kenya popularly elected and by law infinutum:-)

Need an attorney? Look no further than yourself and call collect.... :-)

Truth is, whatever the outcome of the next polls, no one is going to ever take the citizenry's awareness of their place in our polity for granted.

No, not one.

There can be no illussion that much that ails our country and its leadership can be dramatically and quickly altered - there are 40-plus years of our collective history to teach us that.

Nor can the damage rendered by the pervasive perception that Wanjiku is still politically illiterate be erased in the near term (in the minds of some leaders and citizens on both sides of the current political divide).

Steps can be taken to incrementally prepare the voters for a more constructive, interrogative discussion with leadership aspirants at all levels during the next polls (beyond the few minutes some folks often get on air or space in the papers during such times).

Incremental preparation, however, will have to contend with the fluid spointaineity that accompanies much of our politics these days.

Town Hall meetings - that kind of low-down one-on-ones with leaders is something we could borrow from our various experiences abroad (my best experience of this is captured at the Carter Presidential Center as well as sections of the MLK Center - both in Atlanta, GA) in helping our people shape their destinies in this matter.

I hope and pray our fellow citizen's eyes shall be opened to the immense possibilities before them that lie in them getting to hold their leaders accountable in all they are and do now and in future, regardless of tribe and political affiliation.

There's much to be said about this matter, but that's my 8 cents worth of it.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cancellation of passports - Wow!

Two days ago, the Government directed 20 individuals to hand in their passports to the Criminal Investigation Department as a result of the ongoing investigations into corruption.

Despite this directive, two individuals Hon. Mutula Kilonzo & Philip K. Murgor did not hand over their passports as required. The Government has, therefore, cancelled the passports belonging to Hon. Mutula Kilonzo and Mr. Philip K. Murgor with immediate effect. Therefore the passports have no validity.

Airports and other border-points have been notified not to accept these cancelled passports. The Principal Immigration Officer has written to the two individuals and asked them to hand over their passports to the nearest immigration office for physical cancellation.

As investigations into corruption unfold, more people are likely to be asked to hand over their passports to the police.

If any suspect sneaks out of the country, the Government will, in conjunction with Interpol, put out a red notice alert for their arrest and repatriation into the country to face appropriate charges.

As the Government continues with investigations into corruption, we urge all citizens to obey the law and to cooperate when called upon.


February 16, 2006

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By TONY EVANS Feb 16, 2006

The story is told of a boy who was floating his boat on a pond when the boat drifted away. A man came by, saw the boat drifting out on the pond, and began throwing stones on the far side of the boat.

The boy asked, "what are you doing?"

But then something very interesting happened. As the stones hit the water beyond the boat, they created ripples which pushed the boat back toward the boy. Even though the stones disturbed the smooth water, they achieved the desired result.

That's how it is with God sometimes. When we drift away from Him, He throws the disturbing stones out beyond us in order to push us back to the shore of His love.

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Here Am I - Send Me

By STEVE TROXEL Feb 15, 2006

In the beginning of Isaiah's ministry, he was allowed to see a vision of God seated on the throne in Heaven. He was allowed to witness the full majesty of God and hear His Heavenly praise; "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory" (Isaiah 6:3). The vision of God was so pure and so holy that Isaiah was immediately confronted with his own sinful condition; "I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips" (Isaiah 6:5).

But God comforted Isaiah by letting him know his sin had been removed; "Your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for" (Isaiah 6:7). God had a purpose for revealing Himself to Isaiah: He was looking for a messenger to deliver His Word to the people of Israel; "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" (Isaiah 6:8).

If we were asked such a question, we might be tempted to request a few details before answering. We might like to know where we would be sent and what we would be doing. But Isaiah had just experienced the full glory of the Lord. He had seen absolute perfection, recognized his utter sinful condition, and received complete forgiveness from a loving Father. With this understanding of the One who was asking, Isaiah had only one reply.

Isaiah 6:8 "And I said, 'Here am I. Send me!'"

Isaiah had no way of knowing his reply would be the start of sixty years of ministry. He had no way of knowing the many hardships his answer would cause, nor the many joys he would experience through walking in the presence of God; but he knew the One who was calling... and that was enough!

As a child of God who has seen and understands His glory, there should be only one response when our Father calls. There's no need for lengthy questions regarding the how, why, or what. When the Creator of the Universe calls, we can assume He has made a wise and perfect choice.

God never makes mistakes and will never call us without also providing the tools to accomplish everything in His plan: "And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work" (2 Corinthians 9:8). We have received His forgiveness and are seeking to abide in the glory of His presence. We must now learn to trust Him more and follow wherever He leads.

God always calls the right person for the job and always provides all we need to fulfill the calling. When God calls, let's trust Him and boldly answer: Here am I - send me!

Have a Great Day!

Steve Troxel God's Daily Word Ministries

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Githongo: The man and the secrets

The Watergate break-in and the attendant political fallouts happen to have been part of my media and public opinion studies seminar at school some time back.

No doubt the Brits and others have their own interests in this (they always call it "enlightened self-interest") just as there were several forces that needed Nixon out of office at the time (not just the Democrats), some of which Americans will never want to hear you discussing in public (the same applies to events surrounding JFK's demise).

Octogenerian Mark Felt confessed last year to having been Carl Bernstein's and Bob Woodward's "Deep Throat," but some biographers of his boss at the FBI at the time (John Edgar Hoover) had already expressed reservations about his (Felt's) loyalties earlier on.

In his book THE MAN AND THE SECRETS, a Hoover biographer (Curt Gentry, am not sure he was the author) it would seem already had his pulse on this.

Githongo has every chance to survive the "you were a mole" onslaught on him just as much as he could succumb to overdoses of Kikuyu nationalism in the process that, in recent times, appears to be finding its expression in persons and processes outside Kibaki's control (let the reader understand).

The Brits and other nations know much more about our nation, its resources , potential, leadership, na kadhalika not so much because Githongo and others may have told them but because much that goes for the new international / world order is skewed in their favour.

Going the Gamal Abdel Nasser way (of nationalizing the economy) or, in these Chaves hours, rabid anti-Mzunguism, is always an attractive option in trying to break such a strangle-hold; but our leaders often sound hollow when they voice such (because they are often less motivated by public interest and more by personal interest, i.e becoming our Black Whitemen).

It's partly why I have consistently insisted that change ain't coming our way any soon (even 2007) as most of the current political players / leaders are either sold out to the previously-mentioned international interests or are the hypocrites who would rather we defended them in their sins when they are killing us softly (consider corruption and much that goes for "privatization").

An obvious disconnect in such dialogues often is our present crop of leaders' repeated refrains / references to our brutal colonial past in their internecine and / or such other wars with foreigners.

You see, that provokes the romantic in us that naturally evokes the romanticised negritude that was mostly blind to our inherent weaknesses in our carvoting with forces on the world stage.

Leopold Senghor is long dead physically and ideologically; I keep wondering why anyone would would to ressurect him.

I see some good souls attempting to conveniently rouse him (mostly some of my dearest Kikuyu buddies - no pun or offence intended to the community) in the marketplace of ideas in the Church, sections of the media, on the Office of Public Communications forum, BBC threads and other fora where a similar debate is obtaining; but how far can we go with such in shaping our destiny as a country in the 21st century?

It is Wole Soyinka, if my memory serves me right, who reminded Leopold that a tiger need not prove its tigritude.

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Last chance for Kibaki to redeem himself and save the country

By MWANGi IRUNGU In politics, as in every battlefield, one can never write off an opponent untill he has exhausted his last arsenal, lest the enemy be saving the best for last.

With the disintegration of NARC, loss in the referendum, failure to honour most of the 2002 campaign pledges and Anglo Leasing scandal among other political impediments, President Mwai Kibaki might on his way to his lost yet also familiar hoods in Muthaiga or Othaya. Many Kenyans have written him off politically, saying he cannot redeem himself and proclaim his lost credibility which many were ready to accord him when he rode to power.

With the Anglo Leasing scam staring at him, with no strong political support in some provinces like Nyanza and Rift Valley save for Nakuru District, Kibaki's political flame is slowly fading away as it gets blown by the anti-Kibaki wave sweeping across the country.

Many Kenyans had a dream, they dreamt of Kibaki becoming a true African statesman who would hang his coat on the same rack with the likes of Nelson Mandela but that dream is no more in the current scheme of things in the country.

But can Kibaki, like a limping wounded soldier in the battle field get his groove to re-claim his credibility and erase his name on the awaiting list of the "missing in action"?

Kibaki has what it takes to write his name as a redeemer of the Kenyan political, economic and social injustices that has rocked this country for years.

Once upon a time, the story is told, Kenya rode on the same economic lane with the economic giants of the South east Asia but the current state is incomparable.

Our selfish political system which is yet to be up-rooted exhaustively gave way to what Gachoka MP Joseph Nyaga termed as "a crop of very rich inexperienced Africans and Asians who were picked up and used by senior Africans to loot State coffers."

Many public looters-cum-politicians and civil servants are holding offices for which they are not qualified due to their sins of the past.

Many in the current and past governments have plundered public resources and its time we got rid of them and save out weeping country.

Kenyans have tried to get rid of people who hold public offices in the guise of serving Kenyans through the ballot but it has proved hard as they have easily bribed their way up the ladder. Many are mentioned in the just released Goldenberg scam where Court of Appeal Judge Julius Bosire is baying for their blood.

Others are in the Ndung'u report having grabbed public land for personal gain and a number too are in the Anglo Leasing scam.

The Akiwumi tribal clashes report is yet to gather dust on the shelves and it will come in handy to put the final nail on the political coffins of additional ones who might have survived the axe.

With all his executive powers, Kibaki has what it takes to clean this country and start on a clean slate.

With the help of the Attorney General, Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Judiciary the president can take drastic measures of whatever nature that will see such people barred from serving Kenyans in any public position/ office.

Some ODM political mandarins are waiting anxiously to make the Anglo Leasing scandal a campaign item but once Kibaki decides to crack the whip very few will evade the onslaught.

If he decides to crack the whip Kibaki should resist going to bed with some politicians who might be willing to assure him of political survival.

Kibaki should not be moved by some tribal-minded ones who will start inciting Kenyans to avoid the humiliation by crusading that the he is after "our tribe, our land, our people, our....."

Kenyans will be ready to back the president if he takes genuine action against such people no matter their political pedigree.

All what Kenyans want Kibaki to do is, delete them and empty the recycle bin. Period!

Kenyans are praying for a miracle that will get rid of people who have done injustice to them as a country.

Its time Mr. President you fully did your duty with no fear or favour.

Some advice for Mr. Kibaki though, sir, "This world is full of people who do their duty half-heartedly, grudgingly and poorly. Don't be like them. Whatever is your duty Sir, do it as fully and perfectly as you possibly can. And when you have finished your duty, go on to spare some time and talent in service to the less fortunate people, not for any reward at all, but because it is the right thing to do." (Geoffrey William Griffin, founder, Starehe Boys Center, 1933-2005). The writer is Daystar University graduate and a freelance writer and can be reached at

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The beauty in Githongo's soap opera

The plot thickens with each day's revelations from the Githongo dossier. Everything from his dossier to the exclusive BBC interview, both of which are now in the public domain, betray a high psychological capacity on Githongo's part to decipher trends in public opinion and react appropriately. For a former scribe (with the NMG stable's The East African), he has done exceptionally well in his progressive releases. The PAC meeting he'll have in London this weekend should cap it all. What, however, should stand out is the overlooked bit by most in the fact that he quite literally "spied" on his corruption subjects. That he tape-recorded his conversations has given us a nearly photographic recollection of stuff that many in power would wish never was. That, for keen observers, contrasts sharply with the likes of Collins Owayo in the Goldenberg saga who would often say clever Moi issued telephone instructions to him and others. Probably Moi made the calls, but again probably he never did. Fact is no Githongo at the time tape-recorded anything (though the paper trail and rumour mongering would hint at culpability as much as anything else) and nothing close to phone transcripts were availed at the Bosire hearings. What do we learn from this episode? First is that civil servants should still blow whistles when they still can and while they are at it, be smart! You might not have the techno-know-how / why, but at least be wise (as Githongo and the CBK folks that leaked the Goldenberg thing were). The Watergate scandal as well as the Monica Lewinsky affair also both taught us the benefits of such. Second and last is that we need some legislative framework to help us retrieve e-mail and telephone records for government officials in the public interest over such cases as Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg. The European Union recently set the pace by setting in motion policies towards such in its fight against international terrorism. Privacy issues may be an obvious concern in the process, but we ought to find some way to balance that with greater public good. In the meanwhile, it would be interesting to see how State House and the Office of Public Communications handle the latest damage from London. Yes, from London, with love :-)


A Special Love Story


Her family had come to America from Sweden. She had a typical Scandinavian look... Long blond hair; blue eyes; long slender legs; soft, blemish-free skin. She was gorgeous - she was beautiful. In fact, a professional international photographer in her hometown thought she was so pretty that he used a photograph of her to advertise his business.

But that was not her real beauty.

She was raised by some wonderful Christian parents and had become a Christian at an early age. Integrity, honesty and sweetness were just a few of her characteristics. In fact, at her engagement party, her sister, who knew her better than anyone, said that she had never heard her tell a lie. All of her friends said the same thing about her: She was the sweetest girl they knew. She would never speak a harsh word about anyone. Everyone loved to be around her.

A young man she met in her freshman year started dating her and fell in love with her - both her exterior photographic beauty and the wonderful godly character of her inward beauty. She fell in love with him and they spent every free moment they could with each other over the next four years. They were committed to each other and they believed in waiting long before the "True Love Waits" Campaign ever existed.

One week after they graduated from college, they were married. They loved each other's company. They would walk together, exercise together, go on bike rides together, chaperone youth trips together - go to movies, watch TV, eat pizza, travel - all the things any normal couple would love to do together. They were so much in love.

She taught school for a year and then became a bookkeeper for a surgical supply company. One day, while she was working, for no apparent reason, she lost her balance and fell on the floor. She was later able to get up and went to see a doctor that night. He set her up to see a Neurologist.

The following day, it happened again. For no apparent reason, she lost her balance and fell. This time, though, she couldn't get up. She had lost all feeling in her legs. They wouldn't move. Her husband had to come to the office and pick her up in his arms and carry her to the hospital. After six days in the hospital, the doctor gave this beautiful, active young lady the dreadful news. She had Multiple Sclerosis and she would continue to deteriorate.

This young couple, who had now been married only 18 months - who loved to go everywhere together and do everything together - would now face some new challenges. All their future plans would change, everyday life would change. They would change.

For the next 30 years, this young lady did deteriorate. She had to take steroids (not the kind athletes use, but anti-inflammatory steroids). Her bones became brittle, breaking easily. Her face became puffy and bloated and she could not even put on make-up. Her body was a mess. She went from a walker, to an electric scooter, to a wheelchair. She could no longer feed herself, write her name, or control her own bodily functions. She now had to have someone stay with her 24 hours a day.

If that couple had not had the kind of committed love that's based first on a personal relationship and a commitment to Jesus Christ and second, on a love that's based on a commitment to each other, the marriage never would have lasted. In fact, a large percentage of the marriages where a spouse has MS, the other spouse leaves them. The other spouse won't stay committed to the constant care and the continual physical, psychological and mental changes that continue to occur.

Please hear me carefully - those two people are not heroes. They are not super-saints or super-Christians. They will be the first to tell you that they are not super Christians. Those two people are normal, ordinary people, empowered by the Love of God and a love for each other, to do what the world considers beyond normal and extraordinary.

I know this for a fact - because that woman, that beautiful young lady who will never walk again, who can't even feed herself, is Lynda Langerfeld - my wife. She's not a hero. I'm not a hero. We're children of God, doing what the children of God are supposed to do. Doing what His children are called to do. Doing what God expects of every man and every woman who make a vow before God on their wedding day.

Quite often, Hollywood will portray a "hero" sacrificing his life for his "heroine" in a film. In the world's eyes, he's a hero. In God's eyes, he's an ordinary man making an extraordinary sacrifice that every Christian who's committed to his spouse ought to make. Sacrificial, Committed Love is the rule, not the exception. We're not super-saints, we're not heroes when we're being faithful and committed to our mates. We're doing what God has called every husband and wife to do since the beginning of time.

(c) David Langerfeld [] []

Permission to distribute this article via email or individual copies is automatically granted on the condition it will be used for non-commercial purposes and will not be sold.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Samuel E'too vs Pierre Wome: Something to declare

Sam blasted Wome for missing the penalty that made Cameroon miss out on Germany 2006. Some guys back home harassed and nearly killed Wome's family. Consequently, he wasn't considered for Egypt 2006. I hope E'too's miss last evening helps him learn to be just a little more gracious towards his colleagues in future. He's a fantastic player; that was a shameful and cruel way by which Cameroon would crash out. POLENI wasee was Yaounde.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Awori's attempt at self-defence (pray, when did Narc "create and enable" democratic space and "total media freedom?")

Individuals, NGOs, Members of Civil Society and some Cabinet and Parliamentary colleagues have been demanding that ministers, the Secretary to the Cabinet and I should step aside or be sacked to allow investigations to proceed concerning Anglo Leasing.

Many articles have been written making aspersions using insulting and accusative language against my colleagues and I. The law of natural justice stipulates that one should be given an opportunity to defend oneself; will you please hear my side of the story?
Narc took the reigns of Government on the reform agenda which included enhancing democratic space, fight corruption, reform various departments within all the ministries such as Prison, Police, Courts, Immigration etc. To help the Government deal with all matters of democratic governance the law put in place the following structures:
- The Police to keep peace and to investigate when there is a case;
- The Attorney General to prosecute
- The Courts to judge
- In the matter of corruption, Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to investigate. All these structures cost the taxpayer a lot of money. Even though our Constitution guarantees full freedom of its citizens, it has not always been fulfilled.
It is the democratic space created and implemented by Narc Government that has enabled the total freedom of the media to flourish. The media does a good job of highlighting some of the weaknesses in our society and system for the good of our country.
The structures that I have mentioned earlier are intended to give us an orderly society and to protect all citizens without exception. Turning on the current matter of Anglo Leasing, I have been accused in the media and as a result by many organs of being corrupt. I have been called a thief, a bandit and other names. The "crime" being the new Passport project for the Immigration Department. At the time of the project contract, Immigration Department was in the Ministry of Home Affairs, which I head. The charge being the statement I made in Parliament in April 2004, which was in response to Hon Maoka Maore's allegation against our Ministry. The statement is here with me.
When a ministerial statement is demanded, the Minister concerned falls back on his/her Technical Staff to prepare it giving all facts and information in an effort to satisfy the member demanding it and Parliament as a whole.
That was the case in the Passport issue. I got the statement and gave it to Parliament in good faith. The other charges are excerpts from Mr Githongo's report where he quotes "a telephone conversation with him, a lunch that I held for some ministers with him at my house". At no time have I advocated any cover-up. I had nothing to cover up. I have had a very frank and detailed interview with Kacc officials to whom I gave all the information I have. The over zealousness with which this matter is being tackled is commendable. Kenyans are angry. But please let it not make us forget the tenets of democracy. It is not "drivel" to invoke the adage innocent till proved guilty". It is not "drivel" to ask investigators to satisfy themselves that those mentioned have committed a crime.
The structures are in place to protect everybody. There is a price to pay for democracy. It takes its course. Sometimes very slow. Have we abandoned due processes? Surely, the matters of Anglo Leasing are in good hands and even if they take longer than people want it is the price of democracy. Let us be sober and use the law. There are no short cuts. Let us not introduce malice, envy and jealousy in such a matter as we may !ose sight of the whole thing.
To some of my Cabinet and Parliamentary colleagues; at no time have I requested you to participate in a cover-up nor your defense blindly for those mentioned. Allegations are easy to make. It could be you next.
I have been threatened by the Chairman of Kenya National Commission on Human Rights with jail for having lied. Surely the chairman knows that the structures put in place are there to protect everybody's human rights. Why, where and when did I lose my human rights? He should be the first to protect my human rights through due process.
Finally, I want to remind you of an incident that happened in Nairobi some 10 years ago: There was a commotion in the street where a pick-pocket had just robbed somebody of a property and a large number of people were chasing the pick-pocket. Everybody was shouting, "mwizi, mwizi, mwiizi!" A young student who had come to the town from the rural area to ask his father for school fees had just come around the corner ahead of the mob. The thief shouted, "mwizi, mwizi, mwizi!" The crowd closed on the boy who did not know what was happening and who tried to run. The crowd lynched him. Later on it was found that he was an innocent student who had come for assistance from his father. Many people felt remorse, but the student was dead. They took the law in their own hands. Structures meant nothing to them.
I do understand the pressure from the development partners on this matter. I do not downplay the seriousness of corruption in high places. However, ask yourselves what happens in their own countries. Do they ever condemn on unsubstantiated allegations without due processes. I have talked with Kenya Anti Corruption Commission and I respect the work they do and the confidentiality of their work. Let us allow them to do their work.
I honestly and sincerely see no reason to step down. I have committed no crime. Who is my accuser, on what charge? How am I impeding investigations? Immigration Department was turned into a fully-fledged ministry with a minister. What new material has emerged that was not available two years ago?
Thank you.
*Chief, your press release could do with some kidogo editing. Where is your VPPS man? He goes by "Browne Kutswa" or by some such name.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Of Mwiraria's lame protestations over Anglo Leasing

"The people on the Kenyan political left always begin with their strong emotions, confuse those emotions with opinion, and then grab isolated facts and insert them as evidence."
At least that seems to have been Dave's protestation yesterday before he resigned today. Dave, "reason will never supplant the thought-less emotions or dampen the hollow vanity of the fashionable Kenyan-left in the media, churches, mosques, civil society, online chat-rooms and political groupings."
But you can be certain that the very reason shall sort you and your buddies out on the Anglo Leasing affair.
Dave, we got your scalp.
Now, release Jesus but give unto us Awori, Kiraitu.....everyone else including His Excellency the President.
And then let anyone else be caught with his or her hands in the cookie jar after the fact.
Let justice flow like a river, righteousness like a never falling stream.
Dave, we have got our groove back.
Let the Fat Lady sing!

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A team of surgeons from the United States of America will be coming
to do cleft lips and cleft palate repairs for children at AIC Bethany
Crippled Children's Centre located at AIC Kijabe Mission Station in
Kiambu District, Kenya.
The exercise will be free of charge, and will take place between 13th and 24th February 2006.

For more information contact:

Bethany Relief & Rehabilitation International
P.O. Box 61,
Tel. 020 32046 505 (Between 8:30 am & 5:00 pm)
Cell phone: 0733 556 361 (Day time)

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