Sunday, February 12, 2006

Last chance for Kibaki to redeem himself and save the country

By MWANGi IRUNGU In politics, as in every battlefield, one can never write off an opponent untill he has exhausted his last arsenal, lest the enemy be saving the best for last.

With the disintegration of NARC, loss in the referendum, failure to honour most of the 2002 campaign pledges and Anglo Leasing scandal among other political impediments, President Mwai Kibaki might on his way to his lost yet also familiar hoods in Muthaiga or Othaya. Many Kenyans have written him off politically, saying he cannot redeem himself and proclaim his lost credibility which many were ready to accord him when he rode to power.

With the Anglo Leasing scam staring at him, with no strong political support in some provinces like Nyanza and Rift Valley save for Nakuru District, Kibaki's political flame is slowly fading away as it gets blown by the anti-Kibaki wave sweeping across the country.

Many Kenyans had a dream, they dreamt of Kibaki becoming a true African statesman who would hang his coat on the same rack with the likes of Nelson Mandela but that dream is no more in the current scheme of things in the country.

But can Kibaki, like a limping wounded soldier in the battle field get his groove to re-claim his credibility and erase his name on the awaiting list of the "missing in action"?

Kibaki has what it takes to write his name as a redeemer of the Kenyan political, economic and social injustices that has rocked this country for years.

Once upon a time, the story is told, Kenya rode on the same economic lane with the economic giants of the South east Asia but the current state is incomparable.

Our selfish political system which is yet to be up-rooted exhaustively gave way to what Gachoka MP Joseph Nyaga termed as "a crop of very rich inexperienced Africans and Asians who were picked up and used by senior Africans to loot State coffers."

Many public looters-cum-politicians and civil servants are holding offices for which they are not qualified due to their sins of the past.

Many in the current and past governments have plundered public resources and its time we got rid of them and save out weeping country.

Kenyans have tried to get rid of people who hold public offices in the guise of serving Kenyans through the ballot but it has proved hard as they have easily bribed their way up the ladder. Many are mentioned in the just released Goldenberg scam where Court of Appeal Judge Julius Bosire is baying for their blood.

Others are in the Ndung'u report having grabbed public land for personal gain and a number too are in the Anglo Leasing scam.

The Akiwumi tribal clashes report is yet to gather dust on the shelves and it will come in handy to put the final nail on the political coffins of additional ones who might have survived the axe.

With all his executive powers, Kibaki has what it takes to clean this country and start on a clean slate.

With the help of the Attorney General, Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Judiciary the president can take drastic measures of whatever nature that will see such people barred from serving Kenyans in any public position/ office.

Some ODM political mandarins are waiting anxiously to make the Anglo Leasing scandal a campaign item but once Kibaki decides to crack the whip very few will evade the onslaught.

If he decides to crack the whip Kibaki should resist going to bed with some politicians who might be willing to assure him of political survival.

Kibaki should not be moved by some tribal-minded ones who will start inciting Kenyans to avoid the humiliation by crusading that the he is after "our tribe, our land, our people, our....."

Kenyans will be ready to back the president if he takes genuine action against such people no matter their political pedigree.

All what Kenyans want Kibaki to do is, delete them and empty the recycle bin. Period!

Kenyans are praying for a miracle that will get rid of people who have done injustice to them as a country.

Its time Mr. President you fully did your duty with no fear or favour.

Some advice for Mr. Kibaki though, sir, "This world is full of people who do their duty half-heartedly, grudgingly and poorly. Don't be like them. Whatever is your duty Sir, do it as fully and perfectly as you possibly can. And when you have finished your duty, go on to spare some time and talent in service to the less fortunate people, not for any reward at all, but because it is the right thing to do." (Geoffrey William Griffin, founder, Starehe Boys Center, 1933-2005). The writer is Daystar University graduate and a freelance writer and can be reached at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a famous song goes by, he's got the whole world in his world, so does Kibaki, he's got them all at his mercy. Crack the whip sir, we are right behind you

2/16/2006 03:20:00 pm  
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