Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Anglo Leasing: Is the Nation being sincere?

The Nation Media Group (NMG) is thoroughly a Kikuyu outfit which has and continues to ably serve that community. The so-called Anglo-Leasing expose was to me really an expose of NMG for who they really are - entrenched tribalists who would use every hook and crook to keep the Mt. Kenya Mafia in power! Why did they keep this quiet all along? Whatever they wrote is simple common knowledge for almost a year since Githongo resigned. In fact even Sir Edward Clay had raised the same issues last year and what did NMG do? They joined the Kikuyu hegemony in lambasting Clay for being disrespectful to a sovereign nation - Kenya! Why didn't they publish the full Clay expose (word for word instead of the edited version) then? Of course they knew it would hurt their grand Banana Campaign! Why now pretend to be custodians of - truth - when all along they peddled falsehood by withholding the truth? The Githongo dossier is allegedly 91 pages according to UK newspapers like The Times and The Guardian. Yet whatever NMG serialized was a cannibalized, mutilated version of the contents of the original! Why did they not mention in detail Jimmy Kibaki's alleged role in Anglo Fleecing? Why also did they circumnavigate Kibaki's active role in the same? Why did they give us bits and pieces instead of solid investigative journalism - having names and places, etc? Talk of investigative journalism at its best; oh no at its worst!
The other person I personally do not give a damn to is Githongo. In fact I agree with one Kenyan blogger who has given him the Coward of the Year (2005) Award! Why did he keep quiet in UK for a whole one year before now allegedly "spilling the beans"? His reason according The Guardian about his "conscience" is as hollow as indeed that same conscience! Where was Githongo when Kibaki, Kiraitu, Murungaru, et al. were looting the Kenyan economy last year in order to push the horrendously flawed Draft Constitution down our throats? If he had spoken then, it would have put paid the Banana Campaign. But being a nice Kikuyu he chose to serve his tribe by keeping his mouth shut! In that case, let his mouth remain shut. And when time comes to haul Kibaki and his collaborators into jail for gross mismanagement, Githongo should go to jail ahead of them for abetting grand corruption! Even the issue of his security is a NMG fictitious imagination; if Kenyan hitmen could get Akasha wherever he was, who is Githongo in Oxford? National heroes have been people who put their lives on the line for the sake of the country. I dare Githongo to come home and let’s see if he will be killed! His Kikuyu bed-fellows cannot kill; they need him just as they needed him when Kibaki appointed him the anti-graft czar without any commitment whatsoever! Some stories are doing rounds that his brief transfer from State House to work under Kiraitu was done without Kibaki's knowledge! Come on; who can believe this hogwash? That we have a president so senile who cannot even know the composition of his cabinet before he announces it; and even when he realizes that there are some "strange" changes in the "original" list, still goes ahead to announce the list! These arguments, mostly fronted by NMG, do not hold water. They simply want us to believe that Kibaki is "sick". But surely if he is "sick" to that extent, why didn't NMG tell Kenyans the truth when he supposedly suffered multiple strokes? Better still why cant NMG tell the truth by outlining to Kenyans the exact nature of the "sickness" and then push for a healthy leader? Take my word, if we had a "sick" president who is not from Mt. Kenya, NMG would have led the pack in telling the "truth" and would not rest until we got a "healthy" Kikuyu president!
If indeed NMG was keen and sincere on exposing the stinking corruption in the Kibaki Administration, they would have a field day. Let them give us a list of all the ministers and MPs who we hear were each paid to deliver the Banana vote in their constituencies! Or let them expose how ministers in the Kibaki Administration have suddenly become millionaires! How come some have been able to put up grand palaces in Karen within only three years of being a minister? What of the mansions others are building in various posh parts of the country including along Mombasa beaches? Why can't they expose the elaborate drug syndicate which implicates some of the high and mighty in Kenya? Come on NMG, give us a break!
The truth is that Nation completely lost out to Standard (and KTN) ever since the Referendum debate. When we Kenyans (not from Mt. Kenya) realized the brazen and arrogant manner in which NMG pushed the Banana Agenda, we said enough is enough. To add insult to injury, Citizen, Kameme, KBC and other Kikuyu-owned media franchises like The People went to bed with the Kibaki Administration and vowed to dish out outright lies. As if Kenyans are pigs! Right now the readership of The Nation and The People and the viewership of NTV has plummeted to an all-time low. I guess if the trend continues the Nation will become like the Kenya Times during the Moi era - fit only for Government offices! I personally know of many friends (myself included) who were ardent readers of Nation but who have since the Referendum switched to Standard. Go to Kisumu City and you will be lucky to find anyone buying Nation!
Whatever NMG is now thumping their chest about exposing, all along Standard and KTN have raised the issues. There was absolutely nothing new that was "exposed" by the last Sunday Nation which has not been in the Standard before. Maybe the dates of the lunches that Kiraitu and Awori had to cover up Anglo Fleecing! Otherwise hard facts have basically been there. In fact Standard and KTN withstood a horrible media onslaught including some of their reporters being banned from covering Kibaki's events! Remember the recent Standard photo of empty seats at the swearing ceremony of Kibaki's suicidal cabinet?
NMG is in a state of panic and they are desperately trying to fool Kenyans, forgetting that Kenyans are much brighter than the bigheaded Mt. Kenya hegemony! We are seeing right through the veneer and instead of gaining mileage, they are simply sliding further down the pigsty. The only way forward for NMG is an UNCONDITIONAL APOLOGY to Kenyans for their bigoted, tribalized agenda all along. Do you even remember during the 2002 General Elections when NMG campaigned for Uhuru without shame (Uhuru's and Kanu's record notwithstanding)? Until and unless we get this apology (with accompanying demonstration of a Saul-on-Damascus-road conversion, I think non-central Kenyans are tired and sick of being treated as second-class citizens. You see, even after the No victory, one expected some toning down of language and even a change in the way NMG does things. Nothing; instead they continued to strengthen the Kibaki lame-duck government. We recall very clearly that even when Kombo and Ngilu stage-managed the "cabinet boycott", NMG did not even have the courtesy to keep Kenyans abreast with the developments; there was no online breaking news or even a special print edition like the Standard did! Of course NMG knew the issue was stage-managed; but I got sick of the manner in which they even stage-managed their news coverage during the time.
Guys from Central Kenya are in a state of panic. They want to keep power at whatever cost. So even this Anglo-Fleecing "expose" is merely to ensure Kenyans get to see some more sacrificial lambs are offered to atone for the Mt. Kenya Mafia then it will be business as usual. But take it from me: the rest of Kenyans are bored stiff with being ruled by guys from Mt. Kenya. This time Kibaki has pushed us against the wall and I do not see another Mt. Kenya president in the foreseeable future. Whatever they do, let them be ready to eat humble pie and let other Kenyans a chance to lead this great country.
In fact the fatigue with Mt. Kenya leadership is not only in the political arena. We are also tired of it in the churches and Christian organizations! I know this will stir the hornet's nest, but we need to launch a campaign to rid our key churches Christian institutions of mediocre Mt. Kenya leadership! I may be sounding tribal here but the truth has to be told: over 80% of key leaders of churches and Christian organizations are Kikuyus (or Mt. Kenya in general). Are we the better or the worse for it? I firmly believe that we are all the worse for it!!! Name them - NCCK, ACK, PCEA, EAK, JIAM, DC, etc! My thesis is that there has to be a Christian leadership revolution alongside the political revolution if we are to ever begin to see credible Christian leadership emerging in Kenya. At the moment we are having Mt. Kenya guys appointing their own even when they know full well that the leaders are not qualified at all! As if we do not have qualified and able guys from other parts of the country! I do not mean that leaders who are not from Mt. Kenya will be angels; we are all fallen beings but at least let us give other tribes an opportunity to try their hands at leadership.
Of course closely related to this is the economic stranglehold that Mt. Kenya has on Kenya. Apart from the multinationals and Asians (who they are causing to flee Kenya), they control virtually every aspect of our economy. While they have to be commended for being innovative, "hard-working", business minded, etc, we must question what type of economics is this that only trickles back to Mt. Kenya and not the rest of the country! We are having a new breed of "fresh, young" Kikuyu executives who are swimming in money at a time when most parts of the country are burying themselves in poverty! Not to mention the older folks like Njega (who owns coffee plantation the size of a whole location in prime-land central province), Kuguru, etc. The gap between the rich (Kikuyus) and the poor (rest of Kenyans) is alarming and cannot be sustained! As a result of economic power, Mt. Kenya Mafia wants to control every aspect of our national life. And any attempt to change the status quo is met with economic sabotage! Surely, we cannot continue as a country this way. Let there be equitable distribution of wealth.
Well, these are my thoughts on the matter.
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Anonymous Blame-me said...

In his book I Accuse the Press in the early 1990s, Philip Ochieng appeard to be alluding to the challenge of ethnicity at the Nation and other sections of the Kenyan media. Lay your hands on it if you can. I think it was published by Acme Press (1992 or thereabouts).

"The Church is an anvil that has worn out many hammers" - Theodore of Beza (as quoted in Richard Wumbrand's best-selling book Tortured for Christ) is a quote I would like Christians in Kenya to ponder about.

1/26/2006 10:09:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am suspicious of the NMG. I was pleasantly surprised when they published the Anglo Leasing Report (it is an open secret that NMG is some sort of a Government PR department). Then by some miracle they got hold of the Goldenberg Commission report. To me the serialisation of the Goldenberg Commission unpublished/unofficial report is meant to neutralise whatever they have reported on Anglo Leasing. To me they are sending this message to their benefactors at State House ‘we are sorry for embarrassing you, but look we are still your good boys we have selectively published the Goldenberg Report. That should be able to divert the unwanted attention.’’

They are saying Anglo Leasing involves Kshs 7 billion while the breakdown given earlier shows that the scandal involves 25 billion. The idea is to have us focus more on the Goldenberg scandal yet still thank NMG for exposing Anglo Leasing.

1/29/2006 05:39:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you all think? Is the Nation Newspapers pro-government? Or is it just mere tribalism? But if it is, how can you explain the expose they did on the Anglo-Leasing? But again, is it truly possible to imagine that the Nation did not have information on what happened in the scandal all this long? I highly doubt that the Nation did not know. But why the change of heart? Why did they do the expose now? This is what I believe happened: the president realizes that the scandal will not go away; he is being pushed by international donors to act on his corrupt kitchen cabinet. But being the fence-sitter that he has always been, he dares not act on his own resolve. Again, he doesn't want to alienate the communities from which the kitchen cabinet comes. So he decides that an expose will give him the reason. So then he asks the Nation to spill the beans. And the Nation does that ...and then thumps its chest that it has given an exlusive, which though it is, is information they have possessed since long long ago but which they could not release for then it would hurt "their own".
But then another thing that happened is that the Nation realized that Githongo was going to spill the beans anyway, so they rushed ahead with their long-buried information! Clever, don't you think?
Why do I say all these? I say so coz I wonder why at this time they have decided to bring the Goldenberg thing (see todays paper below). Not that I am in support of Moi, no I am not. His rule directly and indirectly ruined the Kenyan economy and with it, a lot of the livelihoods of myriads of other people. But the question is, why bring the Bosire thing now? To balance the two scandals? Or is it true, its soon becoming public? will it become public coz of the Anglo leasing too... for the same reason (to mask the other?).
when you look at the question on presidential candidates that appeared some few weeks ago, the one on Kenyatta was the best done. I copy some quotes to show you what I mean...

He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from the prestigious Amherst College (ati none of the other candidates came from prestigious colleges/unis!!!)

He was born and bred into politics as a son of the nation's founding president, Jomo Kenyatta. ... true but then he was not into politics really, till recently

His stance last year to oppose and campaign against the proposed constitution upped his popularity in other parts of the country. ... his gain was not significant to warrant this inclusion (and how about the other candidates?)

For a politician who became prominent in public life only in the last five years, he has not been caught in any scandalous deals. (what happened to KCC milk trucks?????)

Family: He is married to Margaret and they have three children – Jomo, Ngina and Muhoho (none of the other candidates seem to have children with names!!)

So is this tribalism? biasness? pro-government support, or is this a case of one writer's decision? Or am I wrong?

What do you all think? would love to hear...

but thanks for reading my ramblings on!

and enjoy your week...

1/29/2006 05:40:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it: Uhuru isn't saleable. Why then has NMG persisted at hitting out at the Kibaki government day-in-day out in recent times if indeed it is still in love with him / Kikuyu hegemony?

1/29/2006 10:24:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corruption.Firstly,Phillip Ochieng should tell us how he ably wrote articles for the KANU regime so please leave him out of this.
To comprhensively attack corruption,you must start with the Kenyatta era,now this will not happen neither will the Goldenburg and Anglo scandals go anywhere until the year 2200 when the current crop of leaders are either dead or old.

1/29/2006 06:15:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2200? Dont you think that will be a bit too late? Can / will the country last that long?

1/29/2006 10:35:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it when you blast John Githongo - being the coward he is and all. Ashindwe! I suppose, though, we have a record somewhere of Mr Chemkoeng's active opposition to corruption? He got a few rungu blows from the GSU, did he not, while opposing Goldenberg? or the Nyayo plane? Eldoret Airport? Where, exactly, has he been over 24 years of Nyayo error? Ah, now he finds his voice... it is not his people who are eating....

1/30/2006 12:06:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi sir. You seem to b suffering from a Nation phobia and Kikuyu phobia.
From your tone of well written article, its seems you re mking it as a platform for the usual anto kikuyu campign which will only find airtime on some emerging on line gutter press.
You may be true, I admit that but your tone is that of vengence nd only ppel to people of your calibre- inciters.
Well done sir

1/30/2006 12:24:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Other than kikuyu hegemony and pro-governance, there is also what we call in the media the brown envelopes, i.e the highest bidder gets favorable coverage, seems the government didn't bid so high this time...for all your worth, don't trust the media guys!!!Take all reports with a pinch of salt

1/30/2006 01:09:00 pm  
Anonymous Proud Kikuyu said...

Grow up dude, Kikuyu bashing will taking you nowhere. Now who told you some uncombed luos in Kisumu city with a pea sized brain decide who the majority of Kenyans read.
You can say whatever you what. Why don't you first solve Goldenberg first before your small minded brain think Kikuyus are to blame for your woes.
Work hard coz we have

1/31/2006 09:09:00 am  
Anonymous Swaleh said...

Masai, the truth must be told and the truth shall always prevail. It will take a while and the Kibaki regime will come to an end. The same guys will start hurlling insults at others calling them corrupt and tribalist. Kweli Nyani halioni gundule, uliona la mwenziwe.

2/09/2006 03:51:00 pm  
Anonymous phillipo said...

after listening to Koigi's response to GITHONGO'S BBC interview and considering the outbursts of Kituyi,Karua.Kalembe,Kirwa,Kulundu,Kimunya,Kibwana(proffessor of HYPOCRITIC sycophancy) I MUST SAY that im loosing faith in this Country.
koigi wants Githongo to give evidence here in Kenya, ati when u r fighting graft u must be ready to die for it--WHAT about him, when he went begging in Norway during Moi days-why didnt he die for democracy leaving MATIBA,RUBIA,ORENGO,SHIKUKU,BAMARIZ,JARAMOGI(RIP) TO DO THE BATTLE .
koigi should stop playing sycophancy(TRIBAL) and own up that this gover is lost and ROTTEN.

2/09/2006 03:53:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NMG supposed expose is a weak attempt at boosting it's sagging bottomline. Rumors in financial circles forecast poor results resulting from kenyans boycott of NMG hot selling daily product.The boycott was as a result mainstream kenyans disillusionment with the pro-banana stance that the NMG took (remember that sweet young girl on the front-page on voting day??...). The expose of anglo leasing saga was a measure aimed at stopping the slide of earnings. Keep them where they belong !

2/20/2006 06:42:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you on kibaki and his cohorts but ought to be sincere.There are many poor kikuyus. The rich Phillip and Gideon Moi aren't the hardest working brothers in Kenya ok! Its not about tribes its about a certain class of Kenyans conning the rest of the country.You wont make a milion simply because one from your tribe is in power.

3/19/2006 11:20:00 pm  

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