Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nairobi building tragedy: Love or hate them, you have to give it to the Jews!

By some credible accounts, the Israelis have given Kenyan rescuers a good shot in the arm at this difficult moment for many families. 
"A specialist 140-strong Israeli team with sniffer dogs and specialised heavy rescue equipment is now in Nairobi helping with the rescue effort," says the BBC (at a time when our military was reportedly complaining about a lack of lighting and basic equipment like crowbars and hammers).    
The Israelis are the same guys who, in the aftermath of the 1998 bomb blast at the US embassy in Nairobi, reportedly chided the powers-that-be for allowing then-President Moi to visit the site a little "too early" after the fact. 
Sources told Kenyananalyst the Israelis were concerned Moi could have easily fallen victim to multiple-timed-bombing (a common tactic in the troubled Middle East) had the bombers planned for such.
Their timely response and impressive input at this hour should remind us all of the enduring legacy of the Israeli story down the ages and their resilience in the murk of survivalist politics in the ever fractious Middle East. 
Love or hate them, you have to give it to the Jews!

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