Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kivutha post-script

Kivutha is in his right, sound mind while writing all that he already has.
Vintage Kivutha remains as incisive as he always has been in his previously published works (mostly on law and politics in East Africa). 
Kivutha is doing what we call "baloon-testing" in media and public opinion studies.
The late Shariff Nassir was adept at this for Moi, Kajwang does it for Raila and Ehud Olmert did it for Ariel Sharon, just to name but a few.
Probably he is acting alone; probably he's acting on behalf of Ngilu / President Kibaki; and probably he is acting in concert with Kalonzo himself. 
The goal often is to test the waters as a preamble to engaging public opinion in some definite way, depending on prevailing / emerging circumstances.
In a large way, this often forms the basis for initial steps towards "public diplomacy" - though propaganda would appear to be the most appropriate word in the circumstances. 
Often, a story is "planted" in the media (mainstream or gutter) to get the conversation going.
The intrinsic value of political communication will bear its weight on the gutter and mainstream media as the General Elections near.   
Grasping this will save all of us from much heart-ache with each other as the days go by. 

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