Friday, January 13, 2006

Sad, isn't it?

- "Farmers in western Kenya are defying an order to sell their maize to the government to ease hunger elsewhere."
- "But western Kenya has enjoyed a bumper harvest, prompting the government to order all farmers there to sell their stocks in exchange for credit notes."
- "The BBC's Muliro Telewa in Kisumu says Tanzanian businessmen have been buying the maize in bulk and exporting it to Malawi and Zambia, which are also experiencing food shortages due to drought."
- "Our correspondent says the businessmen sell the maize to international aid agencies and pay cash to the farmers, whereas the Kenyan government is only offering them credit notes."
You add to that the pilferage and short-circuiting of some of the relief food and / or cash and you have a terrible nightmare shaping up for some Kenyans - FOURTY YEARS AFTER INDEPENDENCE.
"Blame the drought" - my foot!
This is high treason by everyone pretending to be or have been Kenya's leader (in whatever capacity) since June 1, 1963.

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Congratulations on the blog (found the link to it as I was sifting through my emails). Keep up the good work.

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PS. Drop me a line at the email address listed above. I'd love to hear how things are going for you and yours.

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