Monday, February 20, 2006


By EDWIN GICHANGI (as an e-mail forward to this site)
One day there was a guy who was driving to a nearby town.
He was in a hurry, so he took a back road to get there faster, when all of a sudden his car broke down.
A nearby farmer saw him stranded so he invited him to stay the night.
He said, "The only bed I have that you can sleep in is with my daughter, but if I catch you fooling around with her I'll shoot you".
"To make sure that you don't I'm going to put some eggs between both of you and if they are broken in the morning then you are going to die".
So the guy agreed.
In the middle of the night the girl wanted to get it on so they did.
In the middle of the skir mish they broke all of
the eggs.
The guy didn't want to get shot so he cleaned up the mess and glued the egg shells back together.
In the morning the farmer came into his daughter's room and found that all of the eggs were still intact.
The farmer was so happy that he invited the guy to have breakfast with him.
So he gathered up all of the eggs and took them to the kitchen. He cracked the first one open and nothing was inside it.
He cracked the second one and still nothing and so on.
When he found out that all of them had nothing in them he grabbed his shotgun and ran outside.
He opened the chicken shed door and yelled out "ALLRIGHT, WHICH ONE OF YOU ROOSTERS HAS BEEN USING CONDOMS?!?"
*Editor's note:  Edwin, in my college days, when we would sometimes suffer from water-shortages, some wags would put up jokes on our newsroom computer that the men among us should go share bathrooms with our neighbours' daughters.  I didn't.  I hope and pray you don't either, wherever you are!  Don't for your own sake and that of the God who made you! 

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