Friday, February 17, 2006

No easy walk to Wanjiku's Caanan

The last time I checked, Kenya wasn't supposed to run an Orwellian-style Thought Police but I think a number of us are running the high risk of denying the progress Kenya has achieved over the past 3 years and spearheading a growing assault on truth and memory by forces opposed to the government of Kenya popularly elected and by law infinutum:-)

Need an attorney? Look no further than yourself and call collect.... :-)

Truth is, whatever the outcome of the next polls, no one is going to ever take the citizenry's awareness of their place in our polity for granted.

No, not one.

There can be no illussion that much that ails our country and its leadership can be dramatically and quickly altered - there are 40-plus years of our collective history to teach us that.

Nor can the damage rendered by the pervasive perception that Wanjiku is still politically illiterate be erased in the near term (in the minds of some leaders and citizens on both sides of the current political divide).

Steps can be taken to incrementally prepare the voters for a more constructive, interrogative discussion with leadership aspirants at all levels during the next polls (beyond the few minutes some folks often get on air or space in the papers during such times).

Incremental preparation, however, will have to contend with the fluid spointaineity that accompanies much of our politics these days.

Town Hall meetings - that kind of low-down one-on-ones with leaders is something we could borrow from our various experiences abroad (my best experience of this is captured at the Carter Presidential Center as well as sections of the MLK Center - both in Atlanta, GA) in helping our people shape their destinies in this matter.

I hope and pray our fellow citizen's eyes shall be opened to the immense possibilities before them that lie in them getting to hold their leaders accountable in all they are and do now and in future, regardless of tribe and political affiliation.

There's much to be said about this matter, but that's my 8 cents worth of it.

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