Monday, February 20, 2006

The Mary Wambui question: Aaah Mutua....

Aaah Mutua, within hours of my liking your press release on graft you've taken away my cheerleading :-) with your latest on Wambui.
The moment Kibaki turned his family woes into a national issue he invited journalists to not only write about his personal life but also speculate about it in the days that have followed.
Kibaki's press release of denial was nothing but a PR fiasco.
The same would go for Lucy's and Wambui's public shadow-boxing with each other ever since.
I doubt the media will cease speculating on the First Family's affairs now that you have "asked" them to.
The same applies to the terminologies that you say have been coined to describe the persons and groups of persons that have been considered as to be the prime political brokers in the Kibaki administration. 
You've called it all lies; I would have let it go if it was someone else saying it.
But since you are speaking for the Government, and since you are convinced you have the might of the truth on your side on this one, why not sue everyone who has been maligning the First Family and its friends?
I was just wondering :-)

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