Friday, April 28, 2006

Highlights from Day 2 of Prophetic Prayer Summit @ KICC, Nairobi

Sorry guys for delaying this; time hasn't been on my side. I didn't attend today's meeting, but I gather some government officials were expected to represent the country's leadership at some of today's sessions. It ends on Sunday, - if any of the people attending the remainder of the proceedings sends me anything, you can be sure you'll have it here in real time. Now, here is what I got from yesterday's sessions (PLEASE EXCUSE MY TYPOS AND BAD GRAMMAR), following the first highlights I posted here on Wednesday. Worship session - Morning - Luke 13:34-35: Watch out that the Lord might not weep over you; let Him rejoice over your life with singing. - He's going to turn around the captivity of His people. Though your beginning days are small, your coming days will be exceedingly great. We bind the strongman, principality and territorial spirit over this city and nation. We nullify every oath and covenant that has been made over this nation that is not of God. We declare a shift in the spiritual world in favour of God and His purposes over our nation in the name of Jesus. - We stand here in your name and authority, Lord Jesus, asking that you release us into your purposes and designs for us in this land. It's time to move from rituals into His manifestation; from tradition into His presence. Session One - Pr. Eava Keith (from USA) - You are not a concubine; a harlot to be bought off by some people. You are a bride purchased by the blood of the Lord. He suffered so that He might birth the seed He has put in you. You must accept Him and choose to be His bride. You must turn away from false gods. You must choose God; you have no option in this matter. It's either Him or you cease to be His bride. - Zecharias 3 : You are high priests for the bride; Satan the Lord rebukes you for luring many away from the groom. You (believers) have the authority to stand as the Lord did; He rebukes Satan on your behalf. - Genesis 4: He desires to bless you; subdue the earth and have dominion, power and authority over it. We repent, we choose Lord to folow you; to obey you, to stand with you. - Kenya needs Jesus. The people who do not know the Lord know that His condemnation stands over and above them. They have become cynical and lost faith in God. They need to know that God loves them; it's the enemy of their souls that hates them. God is restoring what they need to have in Him both in the physical and spiritual realm. He'll bless Africa through Kenya. - Isaiah 46 - Your country is struggling with the god of secret societies, the one world god that comes against God's plans for you and your nation. Freemasonry, for instance, has a stronghold in your nation. Freemasonry and such other secret societies seek to build for themselves altars in your country's life. They seek to extract the very best from you. False gods and the Anti-Christ come against God and His purposes in this world. God is saying that He is revealing this to you so that you realize that you are precious to Him; He's grieving over your lostfulness over what I have just described. I come not to assign blame; I have come to ask you to repent so as to break the spiritual curses over your nation. - Genesis 10 - The spirit of the Anti-Christ has has, since the beginning of time, come against Christ and built empires for itself; don't allow it to prosper in Kenya. It has separated the bride (Kenyan Church) from the bridegroom (God). - Drought and famine doesn't come against the people; they both come against the demonic principalities that have been allowed to reign in the country via the hearts of some of your people who are in agreement with the Anti-Christ. Some of the people who have done this are in the Church. You must repent! That's the only way you'll save yourselves, your nation and the rest of Africa in these last days. Session Two - Dr. Billy Lubansa (Zambia) - What happens in Kenya will affect the rest of Africa. I'm suprised that some of your pastors and bishops are not here to hear this. - Kenya shall be saved! Kenyans, you are being re-positioned for your destiny. You were not made by accident; you are here by God's plan. You are not a biological accident. Oh, beautiful land of Kenya! Take your position and posession! We pray and fast to go to America; some of us who are already out there are currently praying to return to Africa. Know your position and destiny in Christ; don't lose that by being ensnared by what the West has to offer you in the way of a livelihood. Go to the West and do what God has sent you to do there; but know your position and guard it, you'll see the Lord coming through for you. - Isaiah 46:10 - God declares the end before the beginning. There's much to slow and stop you along the way but the Lord alredy has your destiny in sight. Failure is not final, it's a way to learn. - Deutronomy 29:29: Your destiny is clear from the Lord. Don't be fooled by false prophets who are only interested in your money. They are running after the money of the well-off while disregarding the plight of the poor. - The latter rains are coming over you; there shall be an explosion of God's mighty woks over you and your land. The noise of that shall be so much; Africa shall have to stand still and hear the noise of Kenya! - Ignorance, fear, human traditions, wickedness, etc dis-position you. The Church has eyes but it's not seeing and ears but it's not listening; they are not using either of the two in these last days. God wants them to see what He wants them to see, not what they ant to see. God also wants them to hear what He wants them to hear; not what they want to hear. May God open your eyes and ears. - Did you know that 3/4 of the Church is in a back-slidden state? Sometimes we backslide because we don't know the meaning of life. Who are you? What are you? Why are you? Unless you answer these questions, you'll be doing things without destiny. Elijah ate because the journey before him was long. Why do you eat? Why do you marry? Why do you sleep? Why do you preach? Etc. Everything you do must be adding value to getting you to your destiny. - Sometimes we are displaced because we don't understand the value of and in our lives. It's high time you understood that you are not a substitute; there is no one else like you on his planet. The value one has for something will determine how much he / she will offer for it. The Lord paid for you with His own blood; that's how much He valued you. - Jeremiah 29:11 - He knows beggining and end and the plans He has for you. The value God has placed on you can never be changed, - not by anyone or any circumstance, past, present or future. - God does not need to save by many or few; He'll work with those who are out there for Him. Nations will begin to flock to Kenya for blessings; we need to prepare for that (a program was then announced to raise 1 million intercessors for Kenya, to pray for one hour each week for Kenya and Africa between 4:00-5:00 a.m). Session 3: Pr. Emmanuel Kure - Isaiah 64:1-4 - When God begins to move everyone knows it; His move will either build or destroy you depending on where you are in relation to Him. - The gates are open for Kenya to be the lighthouse for Africa and the world. - Why was the concept of the Church introduced by God in the Old Testament through to the New Testament? Why did Jesus say the Holy Spirit would be sent to us? Why are you alive today? Why are you filled with the Holy Spirit? - God is still alive through the Church; making Himself a manifold witness in the world's darkness. Don't worry about any demon harassing you; the time for its defeat has come. - You have not sought God in His Scriptures; you've always waited for others to interpret it for you, that's why you have been defeated. Not every wind of doctrine should move you. Be aware of your hour of visitation because the rest of the world is waiting to celebrate Africa at its hour of shining. It must start now. - Ezekiel 36:1-5 You are the mystery of God on earth. You people fear herbalists, wizards and witchdoctors yet God has ordained you to step over them by the power of His might and Spirit. When the genuine comes, the imperfect must leave; it's time for true worshippers to arise. Only then wil the destiny of your nation change. The wicked should not overwhelm the righteous and portary themselves as angels of light. The righteous should take their rightful place. We are priests and oracles of God. Christ is in you, the hope of glory. The most important thing for you at this hour should be your salvation and that of your nation. - He has no created you to move with the crowds that make you feel good and all that; He has created you to fulfill a destiny for Him and His Kingdom. Church ministers should not let the glamour of their ministries to blind them from the immense work that still remains undone. - You'll not die untill you fulfill the mystery of your existence. Your destiny is too important for Him because it will change the face of the nations; woe unto you if you don't fulfill that or consider it meaningless. When Christians begin begging to be respected, they are finished. My friends, beyond this age there is an eternity; how prepared are you for it? Your business on earth is to prophesy to your life and situations and change them by the power of God. You are supposed to be God's agent of change. It's time you took control over the state of affairs in your country through righteous influence. Change your environment both in the physical and spiritual, failure to which you will not be a good representative of your God. It will take you to correct the wrongs in your society. - Untill the Church in Kenya recognizes and accepts prophecy, it will not move forward. The late General Abacha, even in his wickedness, recognized tgat God had prphesied against him and his wickedness. when the government recognizes that you control the territory, it will bow down at God's feet. Till you learn to prophesy, Babylon will not fall. Don't speak your imagination, speak God's word. The world has been interceeding that you get to know this and manifest God's glory on the earth. - Romans 8:19-20 is a calling you have refused to fulfill. - Warning to Kenyan bishops - Don't copy our (Nigerian) bad ways. The day God refuses to protect you, resign from His work. Don't set a bad example for your congragations by lining yourselves with bodyguards when they (the congragations) are suffering at the hands of villains. I have previouslu witnessed God saving me from 21 religious extremists armed with sub-mchine guns; God always kept me a step ahead of their schemes. If God cannot protect you, how will humans protect you? Psalms 127. If you are a pumbavu pastor, go ask for more bodyguards from your government (audience burst out laughing at this point, including yours truly :-)). It's not the government's securiy that secures your life; it's God's annointing that breaks the yoke. - The Church is to blame for Kenya's problems. The day it shall arise in its power power, glory and righteousness, things will change in this nation. Vacancies will be created in your public and private sectors because of you if you change your spiritual garments and attitude towards God in all sincerity. It's high time Kenya and Africa ceased to be beggars and became donors, producers and not merely consumers who are slaves to the international commercial order. Africa has become a dumping ground for everything. I declare a new dispensation for that to begin changing. And it will change with you. We are beginning this campaign in the South because it is there that the (Dutch) Church was used to oppress the people. There are many unhealed wounds there, causing much much pain and oppression. That needs to change starting this October. We'll then move to other parts of Africa. - Kenya is suffering because the glorious Church is silent and compromised. Its leaders are also fighting over heir small empires and fiefdoms. Do you know that there is a serious battle against graft in Nigeria? The Church there asked the Lord to begin vommiting the corrupt from Nigeria's earth. The government began acting because if it didn't, it was also going to be vommited out of power and the country's land. - Acts 2 - God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and they will prophesy. If you get this understanding, Kenya's deliverance will be set. Refuse to die till you accomplish the reason for which He created you. Isaiah 38 - Don't let Jesus retire you before you are done.


Blogger Farmgal said...

challenging and encouraging...
Good thing with prophecy, it gives us the direction in which to pray.
thx Jesse

4/29/2006 11:22:00 am  
Blogger Pukks said...

Thanks for this.
God will always continue to raise His people at times like this.

5/02/2006 09:34:00 am  
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