Monday, March 06, 2006

Michuki, Kagwe & Koigi can't eat their cake and still have it!


I listened to Crossfire today and just couldn't believe Koigi was sweating defending the gov'ts action on Thursday!!

Koigi was again on KBC on Saturday saying that it is media that has gagged gov't just two days after denying that he knew nothing!! Imagine, how many lies politicians tell us everyday, but because Kenyans are more mature than the gov't we know the law demands that we wait untill the polls; thats when we will punish them by voting them out.

Halafu we go after them using the law so that they pay for the pain they have been causing some of us in the media because right now they control everything from security to justice, let alone the economy.

Our stupid gov't has now invented a new time u suspect your MP is lying, just take the law into your hands and break into his premises, hooded, steal his phone and call his children NIGGAZ, threaten them that you will waste them and eventually burn the evidence that shows they were lying......!!!!!!!!!!!

This is exactly what our leaders are demonstrating, that they cannot stick to the internationallly acceptable human rights standards, and other universally acceptable theories of press freedom.

I here wish to share a few media theories that have been flawed:

1. Marketplace of free information and ideas: Teaches that the audience is intelligent enough to choose from a pool of information what is relevenat and usefull for them. WHY DOES MICHUKI THINK KENYANS DO NOT KNOW WHAT CAN DIVIDE THEM ON TRIBAL LINES? AND WHAT WAS KTN TO SAY THAT IS SO TRIBAL THAT OUR POLITICIANS HAVE NEVER SAID BEFORE? Kenyans should be told, the truth, if this action is to be justified.

2. Communication for development: Teaches that media and gov't are partners in development. The Kenyan media, as MUTAHI KAGWE claims, has taken role of opposition and playing petty politics. Perhaps it is high time such a drastic measure was taken so as to restore order to what was the "rule of the jungle". The society has given the media powers to find information and to audit the leaders on its behalf. This power calls for responsibility on the part of media practitioners to report in manner that is "objective, balanced and factual". Remember the raison detre of journalism is "the truth" without which it is useless. IF MICHUKI seriosly believes that the commando style is the way forward, WHEN IS HE PLANNING TO ATTACK CITIZEN AND KBC BOTH OF WHICH ARE ALWAYS LYING ON BEHALF OF THE GOV'T? The writer is a freelance TV & Radio journalist based in both Mombasa and Nairobi.

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