Sunday, December 04, 2005

We are sorry - that's what Njoya, et al should be saying

A few hours ago, PCEA cleric Dr. Timothy Njoya appeard on national television reportedly defending other men and women of the cloth for "staying neutral" ahead of the Nov. 21 referendum.
Their goal isn't to propel anyone to State House, he said, adding that their ultimate is to get us to Heaven.
State House - and by extension, earthly issues - are temporal, he said, insisting that eternity is what we should be looking at in this instance.   
All right Timothy, just that I feel under different circumstances you would have sought to preach a different, timeless gospel. 
Fact is that a majority of you sided with my banana friends while asking us to go, read the draft for ourselves and make independent decisions on the polling day.
Fact also is that a majority of you have been enamoured by temporal attractions so much that you have ceased to be the salt and light of the earth. 
Something has gone terribly wrong with your theology these days and for you to seek to allude to St. Augustine's City of God and City of Evil at this hour is conveniently misleading...
In your past sermons, there never was that distintictive dualism, - it was always God's city in oneness; God working to reconcile the fallen universe and everything else therein back to Himself.
I think "sorry" - for abandoning us and leading some of us down the garden path would have been more appropriate.
The same word should have equally preceeded everything else in the NCCK's post-referendum statement last week.

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Blogger Rayolla said...

I still maintain the Church has no moral Authority to LORD it over us. Njoya was very agitated and he has reason to be; only upto the extent that he lost as a Banana proponent. However, if he is mad because they have been told to go to Siberia then he offends even the few admirers who were still hoping he might change.

These guys abandoned us Wamugunda actually left us to our conscience and then went to organize rally...

Njoya can go to sorry HELL

12/05/2005 06:14:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By Kidha Dan Kidha (Cameco)

Njoya, like his friend Mutava are spent forces who have lost the vision. It all started well with them, but somewhere along the corridors of power, it dawned on them that they "deserve to eat too!" That was the beginning of their end. ... They played us and tossed the Kenyan congregation up an down like a ball from a post to the other. ... Having miserably lost in their apparent banana game plan, they are coming back to hood wink kenyans into accepting their authority.
These people have no moral authority to address any kenyan in any matter. Njoya's assertion that theirs is to usher Kenyans into heaven is an open lie. How would you lead people to a place where you aren't going yourself? Soren Kierkgard's leap of faith is doesn't apply here. Faith must be qualified by reason. Christians are not to be worldly, that much i agree. But to the stupid assertion that whats in the world does not concern us, i beg to differ.
We, in fact, should be world Christians who lead the world to higher heights of spiritual and social maturity by being witnesses of the Christocratic governance in our lives through our selflessness and love for all. This is not about taking political sides incognito and pretending to be neutral. It is about being open on what you believe is true.
Our activities in the world are limited in so far as the Bible defines them as sin, not in so far as Njoya uses them to defend his flaws and laziness. John the Baptist is a typical example of a political saint, for Njoya's information. What more does he want to know?
Its a pity that the Kenya is fighting for democratic governance and the 'Church' is shouting loudest while it has failed in its Christocratic obligation. What we have are wolves in the sheepskin, not the Church. Surely, the Church as God knows it would have done better!
I am calling for a reformation in the Church leadership nationwide before we finally embark on the constitutional review. Otherwise, as it stands now, If the so called Church is let into the process once more, i fear the worst will be met.

How i pray that this doesn't come to pass.

12/06/2005 12:13:00 am  
Anonymous kidha Dan Kidha said...

Kidha Dan Kidha
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I certify that the information affirmed in this resume is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorise your organisation/institution to verify, if necessary all the information stated herein.

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12/06/2005 02:09:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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