Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The trouble with the NCCK protocol: The glory has left, left 'em

A few hours ago, the NCCK outlined its road-map towards a new constitutional dispensation for this great country.
For an organization that had reportedly pumped Shs. 70 million into the review process in past days, today's press release was generally expected.
Under different circumstances, the NCCK's proposals would have jelled with everyone and probably been embraced by all.
They are neat proposals by most standards, - but I dare say they risk becoming pedestrian when the "appointing authority" (in our case, most likely the Presidency) will have the final say.
And therein, as was the case with its Ufungamano draft, lies the trouble with the NCCK protocol. 
There was a time in this country when the main Christian voice to be listened to was the NCCK's.
The NCCK has done great things in this country, including such landmark achievements as pursuing peace and reconciliation among some of our troubled communities. 
There was also a time when the NCCK's Secretary General - the Rev. Mutava Musyimi - was a Daniel of some sorts, - infact there was once talk of him getting to run as a compromise candidate for the then divided opposition in Kenya.
Personally, I admired the man.
As a reporter with one of Kenya's mainstream newspapers a few years ago, I once covered an event at which he was one of the keynote figures.
On another occassion, he was the guest of honour at a university graduation ceremony I was at: good thinking was evident, good articulation of ideas on the country's education sector at the time.
Here was a leader I greatly admired, - I think I'm more at ease saying that in the past tense at the moment. 
To be honest, I do not even know what they stand for at the moment.   
In my view, the man and the organization lost it the moment they became a little too cosy with the establishment, including accepting to be co-opted into some arms of government on parameters I'm yet to grasp (by the way, whatever happened to that anti-corruption thing?).  . 
Its second fall, I submit, arose in its deliberate and succesful harnessing of the spirit of "ecumenism" (someone needs to ask about the basis of such unity in the Body of Christ in this country)) to defend the status quo (the Wako draft); something they were never really honest about. 
I now have Christian friends who are claiming they need not hear anything further from the NCCK and associated clergymen; they want to be left to their own conscience in matters of life and faith as they were "abandoned" ahead of the referendum.
In other words, no further "no nos" from the Church on abortion, sexuality, corruption, etc.   
Infact, one reader of this blog (read comments on the post at the very bottom end of this page) has recommended that they resign.
And therein, I say, might lie the trouble for the NCCK protocol. 
These guys have lost the moral authority to lead both the Church and the country.
The glory has left.
It's that simple and difficult.

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Anonymous Mook said...

How was the number 39 reached at? Do they have a complete list of members to such a commitee??
I am just curious

12/02/2005 10:28:00 am  
Blogger Rayolla said...

I can't agree more the "church" has no AUTHORITY moral or otherwise to chart the constitutional and indeed any other course. Am convinced beyond any doubt of reason that were it Moi pushing the Banana Constitution the NCCK and EC/JPC wouldn't have left it to our conscience; its probably only sections of rift valley that would have voted for Banana if not all.. I REPEAT they have no moral authority to lord it over us anymore.

by the way has our collective or individual conscience suddenly evaporated? the last time i heard from musyimi we were supposed to get guidance from our conscience, what has changed now? our conscience is not good enough to decide on the way forward? Or the folly of supporting 'OUR OWN' has been unmasked, Nzeki for our catholic brother and Musyimi for is it GEMA, Employer or former comrades in Ufungamano?

help me out guys Kenya needs salvation of a different kind and the "CHURCH" aint offering it. sorry i have to comend Bishop Wanjiru it doesn't matter she said NO fact is she took a stand and was never afraid of the consequences thats LEADERSHIP.

12/02/2005 05:46:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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