Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An open letter to the Orange team

Dear ladies and gentlemen - I have purposely refrained from calling you "movement" because you are yet to fully convince me about the direction and ultimate purpose of your unity. However, you must rest in the confidence that mine was one of the millions of votes that endorsed the leadership you have so far - and ably so - provided to the challenge of shepherding our hopes and aspirations. I'm writing to ask you to: 1. Consider keeping your word on the review process, - don't you go the "pumbavu" way. 2. Consider staying the course in de-ethnicizing our body-poliik. 3. Consider, in as much as this shall depend on you, playing ball with our banana brethren for the purposes of processing an all-inclusive constitution. 4. Consider exiting the country's political stage when, in the wisdom of time, you'll have obviously done your patriotic bit for this great country, - don't let the glory get into your head so much as to want to ride on the crest forever. 5. Consider honouring the most High Living God with your public and private lives, - I doubt you could have proceeded any further without his tacit backing. There are millions of prayerful men and women within and without Kenya who unceasingly committed this nation to God against much spiritual opposition. Blessings! Jesse Masai.

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Anonymous Rayolla said...

Congratulations Oranges and Jesse I couldn't agree more... and Like Ndolo thanks for those streaks of wisdom... the Orange leadership should not be deluded that we agreed with them... We AGREED WITH THEIR POSITION... so you go 'pumbavu' like Kibaki trust me the vote will come full Cycle.. VIVA KENYA and the best of luck for the orange movement...


12/02/2005 10:33:00 am  
Anonymous Mavitus said...

Thanx the orange team for the unbwogable results.I would be happy to see the orange movement re-energising itself and strive for the 2007 election you have our massive support.Let no tribe be cheated that they can go alone in any election or a referendum as noticed from the just ended activity.Orange bravo!!!!

12/02/2005 10:33:00 am  

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