Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I forgot to say this that other time...

I attended the Orange rally at Nyayo a few days ago.
What I saw in the hungry eyes of poor men, women and youth around me was a dire hunger for leadership; they very literally adored Raila Odinga et al and the earth upon which they stood. I was on this terrace directly opposite the dais / pavillion; save for Church, I had never seen such a hunger in the eyes of a people. Mingling with them and jostling for comfortable positions from which we could see and listen to politicians accross us, I couldn't help thinking we - together - were sheep wandering aimlessly and dangerously on the Kenyan landscape, without a shepherd (political). I felt mushy and sentimental at the thought, but it still hasn't withered away after the referendum polls. Something is still stinking - nay, it is rotten - in the State of Kenya. No, I'm not reading from Shakespeare. Raise your nose high up, - the stench will get to you even before you say "Apep!"

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