Friday, December 02, 2005

Look what a most progressive constitution has just delivered in the South

Yesterday, a high court rulling in South Africa opened flood-gates for both joy and dismay over what is now, clearly, legal entrenchment of homosexuality in the country. Analysts say the country is reaping what it passed in 1996 - "one of the most liberal and progressive constitutions in the world." A few months ago, my banana friends were saying the Wako Draft would become Kenya's "most progressive constitution," and also "one of the best" in the world. There was that, among other issues, ambiguity about its provisions on human rights and, importantly, the family. My banana friends would insist that there was nothing to worry about, yet never quite convinced some of us that "anyone's right to found a family" was indeed not a leeway for "civil partnerships" (a kind word for homosexuality). I'm opposed to homosexuality. As a Christian, I love homosexuals, - it's not an obligation; it is a command. As a Christian too, I hate the sin - homosexuality. As an intellectual, I want to hope the framers of our new constitution shall not exploit such by-words as "tolerance" to take us down that garden path, even in the name of being progressive. Being "progressive" in the manner that some societies have become is a Hell I would rather do without; let's subsist in our small, "backward" Heaven of good virtue and righteousness....others are wishing they could re-store that but to no avail. As John Milton noted in his classic Paradise Lost, "It's better to serve in Heaven than to reign in Hell."


Anonymous cloudkenya said...

I'd rather live like the babbon or even be back to the stone age than accept homosexuality to be entrenched in our constitution.
It is a disgusting behaviour and part of the reason why kenyans rejected the draft was the TOLERANCE of immorality advocated for in it,at least thats what the no campaigners told people in my home area(N.E.P)and iam glad they did it if the example of south africa is anything to go by.
Anyway Jesse Masai, I found your website quite interesting and informative. Thanks

12/02/2005 10:52:00 pm  
Blogger Dickens Nyamogo said...

the web is is more than great and reliable, I love it and thereby commemd my brother Jesse Masai for his chain of contributions which indeed have light some candle to curse the darkness of the devil in the name of a "NEW" constitution.

My most sincere appeal to all the stake holders in the constitution making is that let it be all inclusive and openly discussed by by totally new infused blood which has a clear revised code of ethics.

12/03/2005 08:00:00 am  
Blogger MTANZANIA HALISI said...

Guy,Thats very great of you, Big up man of God.U real impacted me Im so optimistic to your views.I pray many of young Africans will be aware of that we will not be bulldozed by the Sonofbeach{Western}culture which will deteriorate our firm foundation towards Godly life and commands.Iwould rather be like an insect live freely like molecules than advocating or rather accepting Homosexuality, its too filthy more than that in the gabage.
What kind of Human rights going/living against your natural model,oooh,So, can We agree with fools that God was too ignorant to notice "THAT" to the extent that He created Adam and Eve?Gooosh,That campaign propagating Homosexuality is too blind leads to the very realm of the Lucifer's jungle.
ROCHA LYIMO.{Mtanzania Halisi}.

12/04/2005 01:04:00 pm  

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