Thursday, May 04, 2006

Phase 2 of responses to "The death of Satan"

This post has been culled from incoming comments and correspondence following an article by Jesse on this blog on Wednesday. The first part of the responses had already been published. In his absence, I bear responsibility for any content and / or editorial errors. - Z.M, Guest Editor.


I am also born-again BUT I am of the persuasion of liberation theologians. I believe in heaven here and now, not tomorrow. I believe that Jesus came so that we may have life in full (politically, economically, socially, physically, mentally etc). For that reason, a leader who propagates separation of politics from religion will not be on my list of buddies. In Kenya we have seen many born-agains telling people to leave politics to the politicians. That to me shows they don't read their Bible well. Regarding Bush and his Christianity - speaking as an African, I say he attacked Iraq because he was a Christian. He saw that to stop the spread of Islamists who harm Christians for just being Christains, Iraq had to succumb to US might. However he did not envisage a situation where Musilims would interpret that for a crusade. The war in Iraq now is not about oil. It is Jesus versus Mohammed. Otherwise your analysis of the Kenyan scenario has hit the nail on the head.

-Pukks, Mozambique


Bravo Jesse,

That was a nice piece. I hope the media fellows will quiz the Honourable members to-be and will use the forthcoming by-elections as a dress rehersal for the elections to come in 2007.

This can be done by inviting them for debates on a wide range of social and economic issues to assess their fitness as Honourable members of parliament. Some of them will be appointed ministers and will be answerable to not only their constituents but Kenyans as a whole. - M.O, Denmark
Jesse, I like your write up; it's challenging and true. Hebu soma Amos 5:20-24, I kinda think it suffices for what I thought of the National Prayer day.
I pray that u become an MP nxt year, ama? It will be a turning point, I admire your convictions........
Take care n always praying for you.
- D.O, Kenya
Jesse, Thanks for the work you are doing. Keep it up. Tuko pamoja. - J.K, Kenya.
Jesse, I really appreciate these pieces. As I said, I look forward to being able to contribute on issues raised. Blessings Man! - K.K, Kenya


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