Sunday, March 12, 2006

Khartoum grins, whistles in the cemetry

So the AU has decided to give Khartoum more time to make peace by making war between now and April 30th; how diplomatic indeed! Then also that the lame-duck AU forces will hang in there for just a little longer to protect Bashir and his friends' scalps who would otherwise have progressively made it to The Hague had the UN forces stepped in at this point. My own country Kenya chose to stand by Khartoum in the interest of pursuing "African solutions for African problems." Then there are also some "national interests" sources say have continued to inform Nairobi's stance towards Khartoum; how to break that down, again in the national interest, is a "national security" affair. I stand with Washington and the NGO world on this one; what we have in Darfur and parts of Tchad is a systematic genocide and the rulling elite's fitting place is gaol. A dear friend of mine also passed on a few months ago in Southern Sudan, courtesy of the LRA and some other elements allied to Khartoum; all the more why I'm riled by the theatre of the absurd that the AU has become on this subject.

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