Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nairobi radio station petrol bombed

Via Nationmedia Hooded men attacked a Christian radio station in Nairobi last night shooting dead a guard and leaving the studio partly burnt from a petrol bomb.

Hope FM, run by the Nairobi Pentecostal Church came under attack at about 10.30pm Kenya time, soon after a programme that discusses Christianity and Islam had been aired.

Two people were seriously injured and were rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital. They both suffered gun shot wounds.

The programme's presenter Damian Moses Ndimbo escaped with a bullet grazing his finger after he fought off one of the attackers.

"He was pointing a pistol at my head and when he cocked I knew I had to fight for my life. I deflected his hand just as he pressed the trigger. I then kicked him, he fell down and I ran back inside shouting. The station technician sensed danger and switched off the lights," Ndimbo told

Ndimbo said the attackers followed him inside but could not trace them with the lights off. "They then went to the main studio and switched us off air," he added.

The gang of four had shot two night guards to gain entry into the church compound and were busy splashing petrol onto the reception area when the presenter showed up on his way home.

The Nairobi fire brigade were called in to put off fire at the scene.

Police officer John Ngare, in charge of operations at Kilimani police station said a pistol has been recovered at the scene.

Mr Ngare said that the attackers appeared to have carried two jerricans of a liquid which they used to set the building ablaze. Police are still carrying out investigations.

The station’s reception area has been badly damaged with burnt furniture strewn all over. However, the fire did not get to the main studio.

*Nation has done such a good brief on it that there is no need for me to rehash the story. If I get any new angles to it, I sure will do something about it. As for the photos, my camera is off-duty...if I get them by any other means, you sure will have them here too.


Anonymous mama mia said...

a dastardly and cowardly act

5/13/2006 01:13:00 pm  
Blogger BizKenya said...

the government is to blame for the attack having set the precedent when it attacked the Standard. Next, we might see journalists being attacked. But we all saw the ironic statements of Michuki, son in law Kagwe; shame on them

5/15/2006 11:45:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kwanza, ashindwe shetani, pepo mweupe... this bizkenya fellow must be living in some crazy out of reality world... Au saying when your house is attacked by muslims disgruntled with your way of life, you will blame the government for raiding the standard??? wake up dude.

Now, to the real issue:
Starting to pretend that an investigation will reveal who is behind this archaic atrocity in the name of expression of disapproval is like waiting for the government to find the delamere kid guilty of murder...

Call a spade a spade, let the muslims own up, and stop giving statements bordering alarmingly close to threats to further violence.

Muslims all over this nation can be found providing misguided comparisons of the Holy Bible and the quran, i don't see any christians threatening to burn them down...

Essentially, lets all wake up, build lives and reduce poverty, otherwise, end these nonsense and get busy... some of us are trying to make ends meet, and the best these idiots will do, is burn down property, (and take lives of parents, leaving others in their wake...) that they should have been stealing..

Which, brings me to the point, that government parrot, that continues to give the government an lousy image called this an ordinary thuggery... wake up everyone...

Deal with these idiots, like the idiots they are... and that fellow, chelomondarator(whatever his name is)

Good day everyone.
fellow scribe

5/15/2006 08:57:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fellow scribe

5/15/2006 08:58:00 pm  
Blogger BizKenya said...

hi anonymous,the governmnet set an example when it attacked the Standard.
Its highly unlikely that the fellow who attacked would have done it if Michuki had not attacked the Standard.

5/16/2006 03:22:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear friends:

Jesus said that Satan came only to steal, kill and destroy.
Therefore, we can see the fingerprints of Satan all
around. It is not difficult to see the killings and
destruction that he has brought to this world.

One good example of that happened this last Friday night,
May 12. 8 hooded men attacked a Hope FM a Christian
radio just minutes after they had finished broadcasting
their weekly program called Yesu Ndiye Njia (Jesus is the

Who could be behind such atrocity? What could be the
motives who lead them to kill and destroy? Muslims were
quick to condemn the attack, claiming that Islam does not
allow Muslims to kill, especially in holy places. Is that
truth? Why then we see on the TV that in Iraq,
Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia many of the bombings
target Mosques? It is interesting to note that, none
believes they are innocent.

A few months ago, Muslims gave us another exhibition of
how peaceful they are. My friend was preaching
the Gospel in Wajir, The Wajir Sheiks recognized that many of
the youth had been listening to the Christian preacher.
Their anger burned even more when they found out that two
of their own Muslim preachers (Sheiks) had confessed that
they were no longer Muslims because they found the truth
in Jesus Christ. The Muslim clerics organized riots to
expel the missionaries from their town. A few letters of
threats were sent to the churches and Christian
hospitals. They gave them 10 days to leave Wajir or they
would face the consequences. The letters claimed they had
bombs and they would kill all of them if they don’t leave
in 10 days.

A young man who was one of the former Muslim, was going
to his school when a group of Muslims seized him and
asked whether he was a Muslim or a Christian. He looked
at them and said that he was a Christian. Immediately
more than 600 Muslim students started to insult him and
beat him, he was stoned and had to flee for his life. He
is terrified today, but he confessed to us that he does
not know how he had strength to face that entire angry
crowd and say that he was a follower of Jesus Christ.

These people can not go back to their families,
to their wives and their kids because Muslims have
pronounced their death sentence. These people are not
product of our imagination; they are real people who
suffer for Christ.

The events of the cartoons are still fresh in our minds,
but we can not forget that Muslims already burned 9
churches in Kenya and killed two missionaries, plus the
security guard from last Friday attack. We have to add to
our list the Nairobi bombing in 1998, the Mombassa
bombing and the unsuccessful attempt to shoot down an
airplane from the Israeli airline.

Is Islam peaceful? It is hard to find any evidence for
it; hard to find a single Muslim country where peace and
tolerance reigns. Europe and the world are sick and we
all know it. But, is Islam the cure for the ills of
Europe and the world? If so, rat poison is the cure for
snakebite. I challenge anyone to give even one example
where Islam has brought peace and tolerance. There isn't
one. There are more revolutions, assassinations and
terrorist actions in Muslim countries than in all the
rest of the world. Muslim refugees form 80% of the
world's refugees. Look, for example, at your own country.
Where do these refugees come from? Islam is making the
headlines every day to such an extent that without its
news, our newspapers would be 'boring'. All over the
world, over 155 terrorist organizations are inspired by
Islam to bomb restaurants, hotels, buses, trains,
airplanes, churches and even mosques. They are the ones
who feed our TV stations with something 'new'. Every
Christian must ensure that the real truth about Islam is
made known as widely as possible. Otherwise, the
consequences will be horrible beyond our imagination. I
can hardly imagine what Muslims would be capable of doing
IF Islam were not a 'peaceful religion'. "Exterminate
those who slander Islam" - as displayed on one banner in
the London protest against the cartoons.

In our attempts to ease tensions and encourage calm and
peace in our country after these tragic events, we must
not cloud the issue with untrue or ambiguous statements
about the true teachings and practices of Islam.

5/17/2006 08:46:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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