Friday, March 31, 2006

Owuor: Iran quakes have come as predicted

By DR. DAVID OWUOR In an interview carried on your site a few days ago, I shared that the Lord had asked me to warn about upcomig earthquakes in, among other countries, Iran.

Both CNN and the BBC have reported that an earthquake has hit Iran and the death toll is rising. Iran was called by name in the online sharing I had on this site; speedy and record fulfillment of prophecy towards the end-times. This was from the Lord and He said that it is merely the beginning of birth-pangs around the world. Now the Iranian massive earthquake is in Kenyan news, particularly local radio and television. Further news and updates may be found at my blog, which is now in use. I expect to post some of the audio and video messages you have been requesting for on it in the next few days, access to which will be free.


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